Terra arida – Un non viaggio

Today it’s one of those “nostalgic days” I often live when I have enough time to think about the past. The day I took these photos was one of those too, so I decided to speak – through images – about that long, silent, emotional travel that brings souls everywhere and nowhere, the kind of travel everyone is scared of. And the end of a poem came back to my mind (sorry, but it is an Italian one):

“E ora, che ne sarà
del mio viaggio?
Troppo accuratamente l’ho studiato
senza saperne nulla. Un imprevisto
è la sola speranza. Ma mi dicono
che è una stoltezza dirselo.”

E. Montale, Prima del viaggio, Satura 1962-1970

Model: Ella Harding

©2015 Flavia Catena


Laura & Kate wedding

May is one of my favorite months: summer is close (usually also my holidays), and the spring shows the world its best side. So it is very exciting for me to photograph weddings on this time. One of the two I worked on this year was Laura and Kate civil partnership. I first met them last winter and I immediately felt I would have been honored to work at their wedding. It was an intimate but happy one. Joy, tears, laughs were there to enrich every moment. Looking back at the photos, I can still feel the emotions, that’s why I find making a selection really hard! What I hope, though, is that you’ll put a smile on your face at the end of this post!

Congratulations again to Kate and Laura!

©2015 Flavia Catena