Quel che resta delle feste

I worked on this small series during the last holidays, on a cloudy and lazy afternoon when my mind was busy thinking about my childwood and those days spent at my grandmother house to celebrate Christmas. We used to eat lots of delicious meals, lots of sweets, nuts, while playing and chatting as the day was endless. That until the morning when the Christmas tree was putted back in the old closet, and everyone returned to his normal life.

Now, the remains of the holidays (Quel che resta delle feste) are these little scraps, a trace of color and joy that I still follow thinking of the past.

©2016 Flavia Catena


Di ghiaccio e cemento – Ice and concrete

The world is going to disappear. Rain, falling down, is turning streets and walls into ice. Sun rarely appears on the frozen concentre. Ghostly rays recall memories in lovers’ hearts. Who is sitting alone on the edge of a crevice can see its bottom blue like the ocean.

A special thanks to my sweet model Virginia Tozzi!

©2015 Flavia Catena