Illyria Pottery – The elegance of craftsmanship

My interest in craftsmanship and beautiful handmade pieces of art is as old as my passion for photography. I can say that somehow they both grew up together, since I moved from Rome to Milan and I bought my first camera.

With the idea to complete a documentary series dedicated to craftsmanship, I recently started searching for local artists interested in collaborating on the project. Katie immediately showed me her desire to partecipate, and I could not be more excited when I read her reply to my email. I had already visited her shop, finding it wonderful, and I could not wait to get a deeper look at it again with my camera. Finally that moment arrived, last week. Katie Coston, owner and creator of Illyria Pottery, welcomed me in her studio – right below the shop – with a lovely smile while working on some new ceramic pieces. I spent there some time, taking photos at her modeling bowls and vases and speaking about her business, first launched in the United States, the country Katie is from. I ended shooting a few more pictures in her shop, fascinated by the way each item is displayed, by the minimal yet accurate composition, and the smart use of vintage furnitures-objects.

Since my words will never say enough about Illyria Pottery’s great work, take a few seconds to relax and have a look at the photos! One more line to thank Katie for her friendliness, and to invite you all to visit her shop in Oxford, and her website:





Quel che resta delle feste

I worked on this small series during the last holidays, on a cloudy and lazy afternoon when my mind was busy thinking about my childwood and those days spent at my grandmother house to celebrate Christmas. We used to eat lots of delicious meals, lots of sweets, nuts, while playing and chatting as the day was endless. That until the morning when the Christmas tree was putted back in the old closet, and everyone returned to his normal life.

Now, the remains of the holidays (Quel che resta delle feste) are these little scraps, a trace of color and joy that I still follow thinking of the past.

©2016 Flavia Catena