“In a world that grows more and more rigid, industrialised and concrete-paved every day, the sight of a sunny field teeming with wildflowers can almost feel like something from a fairy tale.”

These are the words that introduce my fashion story “Heather”, published on Whim Online Magazine, and that entirely describe what I felt that day in August, while shooting in those beautiful summer fields in Buckinghamshire. It seemed like to be back in a glorious romantic past and so far from the modern world that for a moment being lost sounded like a new exciting adventure.

Thanks a lot to my beautiful model/stylist and make up artist Martina Sukupova Davidson, and again to Whim Magazine! Here is the published photo-shoot: http://www.whimmagazine.com/2017/10/photoshoot-heather-flavia-catena/

©2017 Flavia Catena



Dove una spiaggia e uno scivolo

“Quando il bambino era bambino,
non sapeva di essere un bambino,
per lui tutto aveva un’anima
e tutte le anime erano un tutt’uno.” dalla poesia Elogio dell’infanzia di Peter Handke

Model: Virginia Tozzi, wearing Zara


Hanna – Rhythm and harmony at the Barbican

Hanna Hughes is an amazing contemporary dancer and a very sweet girl. I had an inspiring photo-session with her last month at the Barbican centre, in London. I found beauty in every movement she did, and I loved the way poses blended together with buildings’ lines to compose intriguining images. So thanks again to Hanna and to the fascinating city of London which always helps me to create and to dream of something new!

©2016 Flavia Catena



When I feel restless, when my days run too fast and I have not enough time to dream and to live, I look for a place and a though where everything may return to order. Wherever I find lines, geometries and minimalism, I can start breathing again.

This photo shoot was realised in order to explore the potential – speaking about composition – of a tennis court, as first done last year with my “Tennis court loneliness” series. Thanks a lot to my lovely and talented friend Dovile Ciapaité for helping me to create the photos below!



A romantic day trip – Pre wedding photo shoot in Oxford

I had the pleasure to photograph this lovely couple at the beginning of the month. They were going to get married in a few days, and liked the idea to get some pre-wedding photos in Oxford, a city they were looking to explore during a romantic day trip. I could not ask for more, being both a photographer, a guide, and chatting with such great people all in the same morning! I really wish them all the best in life!

©2016 Flavia Catena


I will protect you

“What I want is to be needed. What I need is to be indispensable to somebody. Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, my ego, my attention. Somebody addicted to me. A mutual addiction.” Chuck Palahniuk

Photos from an early spring photo shoot with the sweet Ophélie C.

©2016 Flavia Catena


Mum and daughter – A photo shoot

Months ago I had this great photo-shoot with my friend Thu-Linh – an affectionate model of mine too – and her mum who came from France for a short visit. Considering the poor weather, we agreed to take photos indoor, using a simple backdrop and the light pouring in from a window. Nothing simpler, yet exquisite and fascinating. Not just the images captured me as soon as I looked at them on the screen of my camera, but the emotions of a mum and her daughter that clear were coming out from the shelter of the background. That was precious, and I thank Thu-Linh and May for sharing their sweetness, glee, and their feelings with me.

©2015 Flavia Catena


In my English garden

I took these photos some weeks ago. Anna, the model, was leaving England and I thought it would have been great to have a photo-shoot at her home. The wind was blowing and the sun close to set. I found the garden smelling of a perfect nostalgic atmosphere. I simply followed the inspiration of the moment, thinking about my life and the houses I used to live in. I always had a garden, a wild field, or a park where to hide, read, think, and enjoy the sound of the hours. I am thinking about it now – as writing this post is waking my memories up – that it’s a long time I don’t hear cicadas singing all day long. My old room, in Sicily, must resound of their songs right now.

Model: Anna Luiza Markowska



DSC_1895-1 copy




DSC_2001-1 copy



DSC_2067-1 copy


Children photo-sessions

I don’t often share photos from the photo-shoots I do for my clients (mainly for privacy reasons), but these days, going through my old photographs I found these lovely images and I thought I had to share some, after getting the child parents’ permission (I thank them for this!). This is going to be a great season for outdoor photo-shoots, and I would be happy to help you treasuring lovely memories of your family, children, dear ones. For any enquiry and information, go to my website – contacts section (www.flaviacatenaph.com) and do not hesitate to e-mail me! Thank you all!

©2015 Flavia Catena


The end of a dream

“Dreams get broken sometimes. She wanted to dance, she only wanted to dance, but she had to bury her ballet shoes in the shadows. She still smells the flowers of the field where she said goodbye to the past.”

A big thanks to the model Cara, the best ballerina I could work with for this project.

©2014 Flavia Catena