Big cat and Little cat

“If a fish is the movement of water embodied, given shape, then cat is a diagram and pattern of suble air.” Doris Lessing, On Cats



Today I am happy to introduce you to these beauties: Big cat and Little cat (but they are called in many other different ways!). Harriet, the lady they love so much and from whom they are loved, rescued them years ago – they were living in very bad conditions with their previous owner – and gave them a beautiful home with a garden, in Oxford. Here I got the chance to meet the two, and to watch them happily sunbathing, playing behind the bushes and licking their lips waiting for dinner to be served. Such amazing animals are a joy for the eyes and the heart!

©2018 Flavia Catena



Visiting the London Cat Village

Yes, I am a cat addict, I have to confess it, and as living in a rented house (especially here in the UK) does not make it easy to have a pet, I find myself happy as a little child when I discover a new cat cafe where I can book an afternoon tea and enjoy the company of some little balls of fur. The London Cat Village is the third café of this kind I visit, and I have to say I was impressed by the relaxing atmosphere of it and by the beautiful cats who were so comfortable interacting with people as they would have been at their own houses, seeking for the attention of their owner. Food there was also good, so much that one of the cat stared at my cake with a jealous look. Of course, I did not let him try a piece, and when he got tired of waiting and yawned I shot a picture.

©2015 Flavia Catena