Family portrait session – A sweet summer gift

What I love the most of family portrait sessions is that they are always so spontaneous and full of joy that I never feel the need to ask for a smile or wait for an happy face. Everything I should look for is already there, waiting for my eyes and my camera to capture it. Today I have the pleasure to share with you a few photos from a lovely session shot last week, in Oxford. The weather was far from being nice and warm, but in the end love covered the dark clouds!

©2017 Flavia Catena




Sophia’s Christening

A new year has just started, and I am already filling my diary with ideas for upcoming photo shoots and little dreams I would like to become reality. But before dedicating my all free time to future projects, I still have some old work I would love to share with you. Among these, a christening I had the pleasure to photograph last November in the Holy Trinity Church (Oxford). Sophia was lovely in her white dress. She smiled and looked at everything with curious and shiny eyes. It was a joy to watch her and to photograph such precious moments. I believe the first post of the year could not be anything less merry than this.

©2016 Flavia Catena

Newborn photography session

At the beginning of November I had the pleasure to meet this lovely baby, only one day old! It was a great emotion, first because he was the first newborn I have never seen, and of course the first one I was going to photograph. That’s why I will spend these last words thanking his parents who gave me this special opportunity and the permission to share some photos of that moment on my blog, with you all. Enjoy!




DSC_0681-1 DSC_0809-1




My mum is dancing for me

This is probably one of my favorite series ever, and one of the pleasant photo shoot I had here in the UK. It was lovely to work with Ama and his cute little baby at their house. We tried to show how a ballerina day can meet a mum day and how a child enjoys this. I have to thank Ama for the nice idea she had and for letting me develop it through my photographs. And of course a big thanks to her baby who was the most patient model I have worked with so far!

©2014 Flavia Catena